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Intimate portraits, are you intersted?

Do you know us? We are The Hawk & Sparrow. As a collective of photographers based in Minnesota, we photograph weddings as well as boudoir and intimate portraits for individuals and couples. We are a female-owned business and currently have two female photographers though our company is expanding! Hopefully to a team of 5 by the end of the year! ( Meet our team here)

We strongly believe that boudoir photography is for anyone who wants to have captured tender, sensual, empowering or risque portraits. They can be for yourself or for your partner. I photograph individuals as well as couples. LGBTQ Friendly. If you are interested in booking a boudoir session please use my contact form to submit your inquiry.

There are many reasons that people book intimate portrait and boudoir sessions.  Love our reasons or have your own reason? comment below!

  • To regain confidence in oneself
  • As a showcase to one’s own body
  • As a gift for a partner, for a birthday or an anniversary
  • A Bridal boudoir session for a wedding gift.
  • A session with your partner for a memorable date experience (couples intimate sessions are so amazing!)
  • A gift for you! You deserve it too! Hang that portrait in your room and tell yourself how amazing you are every day!
A cut out of Minnesota with a photo of mountains in Denver, Colorado and The Hawk and Sparrow Logo that represents the intimate portraits and boudoir sessions that we offer.
We create intimate portraits in St. Paul as well as Minneapolis, MN. The Hawk & Sparrow also offers travel boudoir sessions within and outside of Minnesota! So intimate portraits with The Hawk & Sparrow are right for you no matter where you live!

For booking information for your  intimate portraits or boudoir session in St. Paul, Minnesota head to this page – Booking Information

Contact Me Here for session requests and travel inquiries. Edit

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