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Welcome! I am happy you have found your way here!

Hello and welcome to The Hawk & Sparrow! We are your luxury choice for an Upper Peninsula Michigan boudoir photography experience! You can visit us in the UP, or find us in our secondary location in Minnesota. You will find that we have once a month availability in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding cities for boudoir portraits. The Hawk & Sparrow is run by Madelin Zaycheck, a boudoir photographer who offers body inclusive sessions and prides themselves on loving your body the way it is, no matter where you are in your journey.

The Hawk & Sparrow Boudoir is a woman owned business. We are currently proud to offer Wedding Photography and Boudoir and Intimate Portrait Photography.  Our Hawk & Sparrow team of stylists and brand ambassadors stands for body positivity because we want you to see the innate beauty in yourself just the way you are! Looking for an Upper Peninsula MI or, St. Paul MN Photographer for Family or Newborn Portraits? Visit our sister company Memory Me Studio

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plus size boudoir portrait of a woman of color laying on her back on a n orange couch. This portrait is taken by body positive Michigan photographer Madelin Zaycheck who resides in Upper Peninsula Michigan

When should I book with The Hawk & Sparrow?

Book Your Boudoir Session: 4-8 Weeks In Advance

For boudoir sessions, we have found that your portraits turn out their best when your experience starts before your session. (Read our full blog post on when to book your session!) We suggest that you spend time pampering yourself in the weeks and days leading up to your boudoir session. (Short term is OK too, and can turn out wonderful with a little bit of prep!) If things like a haircut or color service, manicure and pedicure, or a waxing service are important to you, giving yourself time to schedule these services and see how they look prior to your session is a great idea. If you schedule your boudoir session 4-8 weeks in advance, you have time to schedule these services too! We also book boudoir sessions 12+ months out if you like to plan that far ahead!

Easy payment plans for your wedding or boudoir session!

Many of our clients choose to book up to 12 months out to make use of our in house interest free payment plans! This is a perfect way to add your experience into your budget and get amazing BONUSES like a couples mini session or use of our shower set. Use our contact form for more info on collections and payment plans for your boudoir session. HERE!

What if I want to book sooner?

While more time between booking and your session is idea, you CAN book your session with as little as one week notice if you are ready and my availability allows! The payment plans we offer our clients can be used as long as you are scheduling more than 4 weeks out and include many fun options for prepayment bonuses! CONTACT US for our next available dates! *Contact us now for booking your boudoir session so you can experience this for yourself! This is your year!*

Book your WEDDING as soon as you fall in love with us!

Booking your wedding photographer is a special choice! We are the ones that are there to capture all the time and passion you put into designing your special day! When you see our work and love it, please reach out to us to begin booking your day with us right away! Our dates do fill up and we want to make sure you get your first choice of day! We are booking limited weddings for 2024 and into 2025. Our favorite clients are high vibe and a bit spunky and would LOVE to chat if you feel like we’d be a good fit!

What is in a name?

Madelin is a Minnesota born Photographer who is currently an Upper Peninsula boudoir photographer. She is the founder of The Hawk & Sparrow. The name has a personal reason behind it. What is it you ask? The name is personal for Madelin Zaycheck,because of the hawk and sparrow tattoo on her chest. For her, the tattoo represents the perpetual struggle and balance between so many things in the universe.

Black and White Boudoir Self Portrait by St. Paul Photographer

There is always a reason for both sides of something. Because happiness without sorrow does not have the same sweetness. One without the other wouldn’t have the same impact on our lives. It is because we know the one that we can appreciate the other.   Most things we experience can be more thoroughly appreciated when we have the contrast. For The Hawk & Sparrow, this is where this body positive portraiture lays, the fine line between who you are to yourself and who you are to others. 

  • being the predator/prey
  • masculine/feminine
  • give/take
  • the provider/to be provided for
  • love/war
  • Questioning/Satisfied
  • yin/yang
  • light/dark

Oh, the places we can go!

Our photography brand name is intended to be inclusive,  It is most important to us that everybody (yes you!) understands that they are worthy and capable of being photographed no matter how their body is or how they identify. Therefore you see the language of Body Positive and Intimate Portraits, “boudoir” Though a term I still use,  is technically a term for a woman’s dressing/private room, and portraits made in that location. The Hawk & Sparrow is more than that. Because of this, we have made the shift to also using more inclusive language. The Hawk & Sparrow is intimate portraits for anyone made anywhere. We may not be the only St. Paul or Upper Peninsula Boudoir Photographer, but we are the one you will love!

Outdoor Boudoir Photography in St. Paul Minnesota
  • In an outdoor setting? Yes!
  • In My Studio bedroom in Michigan (NEW in 2022! – Join the mailing list for updates! JOIN HERE)
  • Outdoors on my private land in Michigan! 120 acres filled with apple trees, rolling fields, dense woods and deep ravines!
  • In your kitchen? Yes!
  • In a public location that you have private access to?
  • On a mountain? HECK YES (DID THIS IN OCTOBER 2019!)
  • Fields of flowers? Yep
  • In a lake or in a river? Sure thing!
  • A rooftop with the skyline? Yes, if you have access!
  • In a hotel or Airbnb? Yes! renting a space is a great option!
  • In your bedroom? You thought I’d forget? Yes! Still a great space!

Upper Peninsula boudoir photographer and St. Paul MN Boudoir Photographer

🏳️‍🌈 lgbtq inclusive | women owned and operated