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Couples Boudoir – Your New Kind Of Sensual Date Night!

This year has been a little… unconventional. Spending a night with your partner out on the town just isn’t the same. So, when Madelin suggested a couples boudoir shoot for my partner Jerel and I, we immediately said yes. Think date night re-imagined. We finally got to slow down, stare into each other’s eyes and connect. We laughed, told each other sweet affirmations, and had a ton of fun! Yes, even Jerel loved it! The next day, he told me he couldn’t wait to see our portraits.

“These photos are a permanent reminder you get to keep and cherish.”


What is the couples boudoir experience like?

I know you’re thinking, is it weird to be steamy with your partner in front of the camera? Not with Madelin! She is professional, directional and allows your vision, as well as her expertise, to shine through. I mean, just look at these photos!

There is nothing like capturing these moments and being able to honor your relationship and love for each other. These photos are a permanent reminder you get to keep and cherish. Imagine pulling them out every once in a while to relive the experience, or hanging them up on your bedroom wall to see every day! That is what we are going to do with ours.

Where should we do these intimate portraits?

Along with a great photographer and the love of my life being there, The Hive House is a wonderful space with so many ways to utilize each room. As a hair and makeup artist, I have had the pleasure of dolling up many women in this space, and all their photos are not only unique, they are also beautiful, just like each client Madelin and I work with. There is plenty of natural light during the day, and a few rooms that were build on in addition to be more like screened in porches. It’s fully furnished with different textures, colors and themes for every style, and is customizable too! You can even bring your own special pieces, blankets or treasures make the space truly fit you.

Did you love it?

There is nothing like this experience! Jerel and I are so happy we did this and being able to keep these photos forever is the best part. Thank you Madelin for this incredible experience. It is one we will never (be able to) forget. 

We’re convinced! How do we book our own couples boudoir session?

To book your own couples boudoir session you can contact Madelin on her contact page! She books free zoom consultations to go over details and get to know you. This is the perfect time for her to answer any questions you may have about the process and of course, if you decide to book, plan all the fun details for your couples boudoir session. Want to see more about her individual and couples boudoir sessions before contacting Madelin, check out her page about intimate portraits here!

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