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Boudoir Session Booking Timeline : Put Time on Your Side

Let’s book your boudoir session!

When booking your first boudoir photography session (or even your tenth!), the right timing makes all the difference. There are many factors that go into making your session the best experience possible, that might not be obvious at first. Many of our boudoir session clients choose to purchase their album when booking their session. Our “Album Session.” Includes a double length session with unlimited outfit changes. You will also receive a beautifully hand-crafted album with 15 (or more) of your favorite boudoir portraits!

Especially when booking an album session, make sure that you consider the time that goes into your session both before and after. Here is a helpful timeline of the process from start (booking your session) to finish (receiving your beautiful, handmade photo album):

– Book Your Boudoir Session: 2-3 Weeks In Advance

Boudoir photos turn out their best when clients spend time pampering themselves a few days prior to their session. If things like a haircut or color service, manicure and pedicure, or a waxing service are important to you, giving yourself time to schedule these and see how they look prior to your session is a great idea. Do what makes you feel ready to step in front of the camera. Remember when working with a professional that you trust that their books can fill up fast. If you schedule your boudoir session 2-4 weeks in advance, you have time to schedule these services too!

– Order Your Lingerie: 2 Weeks In Advance

Getting lingerie and other accessories online is common for many boudoir clients… and so are shipping delays, sizing errors, and things showing up not looking quite like they did on the website. Schedule your boudoir session a few weeks to months into the future. This allows you to decide exactly what you want to wear, receive it and try it on to make sure it is a perfect fit for you. If it isn’t, 2-4 weeks gives you some time to find a replacement or make an exchange for a different size. 

“Schedule your boudoir session a few weeks to months into the future. This allows you to decide exactly what you want to wear”

If you’re on a tighter timeline (or just can’t wait to have your boudoir session!), you can use our boudoir lingerie closet. It is included in all boudoir sessions at our studio. The lingerie closet comes in a wide range of sizes, styles and colors! XXS-XXXL view out boudoir closet here!

– Prepare Your Heart and Mind: 1 Week In Advance

All clients have parts of themselves that they enjoy celebrating and others they sometimes struggle to love. This is completely normal, and identifying these things (while giving yourself love and care) can help your session go much more smoothly. Journaling or meditating on questions such as “How do I want to feel during my session?” and “What is something I want to work through or overcome in regard to my relationship with myself?” are great to consider beforehand so that you can communicate them prior to being photographed. Whether your final album is a gift for someone else, or for yourself, the experience is uniquely for you. Our boudoir experience is an opportunity to connect your heart and mind with your body. Many clients find it helpful to look in the mirror and tell themselves something nice every day leading up to their session.

– Nourish and Rest: The Night Before 

The night before your boudoir session is a great opportunity to drink lots of water and get a good night’s sleep. Boudoir sessions feel powerful and fun, but they can feel stressful if you are dehydrated or tired. Getting adequate rest and water will help you to enter your session feeling good. You will also want to remember to keep hydrating and plan a full night sleep after your session! The posing is mostly natural, but can still make your body extra tired with all the movements you will do.

– Arrive Comfortable: The Day Of Your Session

To make your session the best it can be, and make the best use of your session time, be sure to arrive with clean, dry hair (washed 1-2 days before your session, not the same morning) and a clean, moisturized face free of any residual makeup. It is also recommended to bring your favorite body lotion and eat a nourishing meal before your session. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that do not leave marks on your skin (like bras and pants or socks with elastic bands). 

What does the timeline look like after your boudoir Session?

– Photo Viewing: Up To 2 Weeks Later

After a boudoir session, the client and photographer sit down together and look at the photos to decide which ones they love most. Depending on timing and availability, this may be the same day or a separate return appointment. This is an exciting time to see yourself on the other side of the camera! 

– Completed Edits: Up To 3 Weeks After your Boudoir Session

Once your favorite portraits are selected and ordered. We begin edits for print right away. For an idea of what we offer, head over to our blog about our products! it can take up to three weeks to edit your portraits. Each of your boudoir portraits is retouched to reflect how you look on your best day, and create a timeless image. Once the editing is complete, your portraits are sent to become part of your photo album, or off to become something gorgeous for your wall.

– Completed Album: 5-7 Weeks after your boudoir session

Photo albums are not machine-made. They are carefully and lovingly hand-assembled and hand-bound. Many clients choose to experience boudoir because of an upcoming event or occasion, like their wedding day or an anniversary. It is highly recommended to book your boudoir photo session 3-4 months prior to the time you want to receive or present your album.

Do you have additional questions about when to book your boudoir session? Please get in touch.

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