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Get Makeup Savvy Now! Makeup Power Hour by Angela Morris Makeup

What is Makeup Power Hour?

Makeup Power Hour is a monthly Zoom party for folks who wear makeup (or want to wear makeup), hosted by professional makeup artist Angela Morris.

If you need some guidance, tips or questions answered about your current makeup routine, Makeup Power Hour is for you!

Angela created Makeup Power Hour as a low-cost opportunity to be in community and create a safe space for you to ask questions about how to make your beauty ritual feel fun instead of confusing or obligatory.

Private makeup lessons can be cost-prohibitive for some, and we are all looking for ways to be more connected in a safe, nourishing way.

Makeup Power Hour is a fun happy hour environment from the comfort of your computer, where we ditch performance culture, stick it to patriarchal views of self-care, and carve out a space to support ourselves and one another.

Bring your makeup, beauty tools, a clean face and your favorite beverage! The fun begins October 19th!

The exchange is $20.

Sign up here: angelamorrismakeup.com/makeup-power-hour

P.S. Beauty is for everybody! If you’d like to join and have a financial limitation, send Angela an email at angelamorrismakeup@gmail.com and she will make it work for you.

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