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What to wear for a boudoir session!

FAQ ⭐️ What To Wear! ⭐️

I get asked this all the time! What do I wear for my boudoir session? When you book your boudoir session with me you will get our full Boudie Prep guide, but until then, here is an idea list!

Enjoy my idea list of what to wear for a boudoir session!

-A loose t-shirt, I love short or cropped tops, white or grey look great, paired with a lacy pair of underwear
-Button up shirt with bra and panties underneath. – solid colors are best
-A simple white sheet (or one of our satin sheets) can be used as a more implied nude look
-Matching bra and panty set (classic black or something fun and colorful!)
-Lacy bodysuit with or without garter, stockings and stilettos
-Bridal veil, pearls, garter and wedding shoes with white lingerie
-Implied nude – you wear nothing, we show nothing other than curves and booty

-We also create nude portraits if you’d rather wear nothing at all! No need to hide your body!

In the end I recommend wearing something that you feel good in. You can bring as many outfits and options with as you’d like, and we can go from there to style your session! I hope my list helps you in thinking about what to wear for a boudoir session!

As a prepayment bonus on collections you also have the option for a styling session before your date which can include shopping assistance!
Are you wondering about what the timeline looks like for booking a boudoir session?? We can help with that too HERE

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