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Happy New Years 2024!

This is going to be a pretty quick post but I NEED to share my 2024 New Year Workbook with you!!

It’s a mix of Manifesting, Intention Setting, Gratitude, Goals, Tarot and Reflection!

It’s live now in its digital PDF format on ETSY!

Click here for my ETSY page!

Snag your copy in the next 48 hours and you’ll also be invited to my New Moon manifestation meditation on January 11th (or snag the recording after if you can’t come!)

With the 2024 New Year Workbook, get ready to embark on a transformative journey. Our ‘2024 New Year Workbook,’ is a 40-page intention setting and manifesting guide designed to align your aspirations with the energy of the upcoming year.

Dive into the art of manifestation, master goal setting, and cultivate gratitude as you navigate a holistic approach to personal development. With interactive exercises, visually appealing layouts, and the ancient wisdom of Tarot, this workbook is your empowering companion for a fulfilling 2024. Gift yourself the opportunity for transformative growth, and start creating the life you envision today.

With that being said I also have a gift for you! My 2 page Goal Setting 2024 Worksheet! Click below to get your free copy!

Download your free goal setting worksheet!!

Happy new year!! Enjoy!

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