Hello and welcome to The Hawk & Sparrow! Your choice for a St. Paul Photographer who offers body positive sessions and prides themselves on inclusivity. We offer Wedding Photography and Boudoir and Intimate Portrait Photography.  The Hawk & Sparrow stands for body positivity because we want you to see the innate beauty in yourself just the way you are! Looking for a St. Paul Photographer for Family or Newborn Portraits? Visit our sister company Memory Me Studio 


Plus Size Boudoir portrait in a black bra with cross straps by St. Paul Photographer The Hawk & Sparrow

wedding couple by St. Paul Photographer Madelin Zaycheck of The Hawk & Sparrow
Wedding Photograph by Madelin Zaycheck while photographing for Bethany Melvin Photography

What is in a name?

This St. Paul  Photographer has a personal reason behind the name. What is it you ask? The name is personal for our founder, Madelin Zaycheck. It is personal to her because she has a hawk and sparrow tattoo on her chest. For her, the tattoo represents the perpetual struggle and balance between so many things in the universe.

Black and White Boudoir Self Portrait by St. Paul Photographer

There is always a reason for both sides of something. Because happiness without sorrow does not have the same sweetness. One without the other wouldn’t have the same impact on our lives. It is because we know the one that we can appreciate the other.   Most things we experience can be more thoroughly appreciated when we have the contrast. For The Hawk & Sparrow, this is where this body positive portraiture lays, the fine line between who you are to yourself and who you are to others. 

  • being the predator/prey
  • masculine/feminine
  • give/take
  • the provider/to be provided for
  • love/war
  • Questioning/Satisfied
  • yin/yang
  • light/dark

Oh, the places we can go!

Our photography brand name is intended to be inclusive,  It is most important to us that everybody (yes you!) understands that they are worthy and capable of being photographed no matter how their body is or how they identify. Therefore you see the language of Body Positive and Intimate Portraits, “boudoir” Though a term I still use,  is technically a term for a woman’s dressing/private room, and portraits made in that location. The Hawk & Sparrow is more than that. Because of this, we have made the shift to also using more inclusive language. The Hawk & Sparrow is intimate portraits for anyone made anywhere. We may not be the only St. Paul Photographer, but we are the one you will love!

Outdoor Boudoir Photography in St. Paul Minnesota
  • In an outdoor setting? Yes!
  • In your kitchen? Yes!
  • In a public location that you have private access to?
  • Fields of flowers? Yep
  • In a lake or in a river? Sure thing!
  • A rooftop with the skyline? Yes, if you have access!
  • In a hotel or Airbnb? Yes! renting a space is a great option!
  • In your bedroom? You thought I’d forget? Yes! Still a great space!

Intimate portraits, are you intersted?

Boudoir and Intimate portraits are for anyone who wants to have captured tender, sensual, empowering or risque portraits. They can be for yourself or for your partner. I photograph individuals as well as couples. LGBTQ Friendly. If you are interested in booking a boudoir session please use my contact form to submit your inquiry.

There are many reasons that people book intimate portrait and boudoir sessions. 

  • To regain confidence in oneself
  • As a showcase to one’s own body
  • As a gift for a partner, for a birthday or an anniversary
  • A Bridal boudoir session for a wedding gift.
  • A session with your partner for a memorable date experience (couples intimate sessions are so amazing!)
  • A gift for you! You deserve it too! Hang that portrait in your room and tell yourself how amazing you are every day!
A cut out of Minnesota with a photo of mountains in Denver, Colorado and The Hawk and Sparrow Logo that represents the intimate portraits and boudoir sessions that we offer.
We create intimate portraits in St. Paul as well as Minneapolis, MN. The Hawk & Sparrow also offers travel boudoir sessions within and outside of Minnesota! So intimate portraits with The Hawk & Sparrow are right for you no matter where you live!

For booking information for your  intimate portraits or boudoir session in St. Paul, Minnesota head to this page – Booking Information

Contact Me Here for session requests and travel inquiries. 

Community & Booking

Boudoir and Intimate sessions have a starting investment of $600 and include session planning as well as a hair and makeup and/or a product credit to use towards your portrait purchase. Contact me today for a complimentary booking consultation! View a selection of our work here. After your session, you will get to view your Portraits in the privacy of your own home or in a location that you are comfortable with. This is when you will order the portraits you love!

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The Hawk & Spar·row

  1.  An intimate and boudoir portrait photography brand
  2. A body positive community to support and build each other up.
  3. LGBTQ Friendly 
  4. The balance between the energies of the universe. 


hôk/nounnoun: hawk; plural noun: hawks

  1. 1. a diurnal bird of prey with broad rounded wings and a long tail, typically taking prey by surprise with a short chase.
    • NORTH AMERICANa bird of prey related to the buteos.
    • FALCONRYany diurnal bird of prey used in falconry.


ˈsperō/nounnoun: sparrow; plural noun: sparrows

  1.  a small finchlike Old World bird related to the weaverbirds, typically with brown and gray plumage.
  2.  any of a number of birds that resemble true sparrows in size or color.

Pantone Color of the Year – Plus Size Boudoir Session

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Products | St Paul, MN |Wedding Photography & Boudoir

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The form below is one of the ways to communicate with this MN Boudoir & Wedding Photographer.  Please contact us to begin booking.  We are also happy to answer any questions you may have. The Hawk and Sparrow is booking boudoir and intimate portrait sessions as well as engagement portraits. Primarily a Minnesota photography brand, we book many of our sessions in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. That being said, We am more than happy to travel for you! Please inquire for travel and destination photography rates!

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Now Booking Boudoir, ENGAGEMENT, and Intimate Portrait Sessions through summer 2019 and weddings through fall 2020
You can also contact Madelin (^with the hawk and sparrow tattoo) for booking information. 612-440-9626 Madelin@TheHawkAndSparrow.com If you are looking for a family portrait session, visit our sister company Memory Me Studio also a St Paul Photographer. Www.memorymestudio.com